Slow MacBook Pro A1278 Repair and Fix in Dallas!!

Is your MacBook Pro running slow? Does your MacBook Pro tune-up include virus removal? Do you want to update and upgrade the latest windows? Are you looking for free up disk space and configure automatic operating system updates? iFixHub provides following services on window PCs tune-up:

Startup optimization:- performance troubleshooter, delete an unnecessary job, limit programs run at startup, clean up hard disk, run fewer programs, restart regularly, Uninstall unused programs, remove unnecessary software, optimize web browser.

Hardware Diagnostic:โ€“ Windows performance monitor, Windows Resource Monitor, Open Hardware Monitor.

Post Test:- Graphic Stress Test, Thermal Test, Input/Output Test, Sensor Test, Performance Test, BIOS Test, Sensor Test, Boot Test, Hard Drive Test, Battery Test, OS Test, Memory Test.

Disk Optimization:โ€“ PC speed, Defrag, Slow Boot-ups, SSD Performance, Slow Anti-virus, File Recovery, Update windows

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