Affordable MacBook Pro Keyboard Repair Near Dallas

Have your keys are missing in MacBook Pro keyboard? Did you spill any soda, water or other liquid on your macBook Pro keyboard? Do your keyboard not responding properly in MaBook Pro? Keyboard is the input hardware device which allows the user to enter the any data using letter, number or any symbol. Computer doesn’t exist without keyboard. There are different keyboard on MacBook Pro in the market such as multimedia ,mechanical, wireless, wired, USB, Virtual and so on. Keyboard may have software issue or hardware issue. We have technician who will resolve your problem regarding any issues with keyboard of any MacBook Pro models.

Top RAM/Memory Upgrade Service in Computer near Dallas !!

Do you have the problem with slow performance in your computer? Does your computer take extra time to boot up ? Have you upgrade RAM and memory recently ? Do you feel excessive heat on the CPU or logic board? Does it take long time to download and installing any software and application? Does your computer because of defective RAM?Remember us if one of these question sounds familiar! We will be more than glad to help you. We have years of experience solving issues mentioned above. Few things that we do almost every day are Virus and Spyware Removal, Antivirus Installation, PC Tune-Up, Operating System Configuration, Hard drive to SSD Upgrades, Custom Gaming Pc, Data Migration, Data Backups and recovery, Laptop Screen Repair, Hardware Installation, Memory Upgrade, Software Installation. Quick and affordable PC repair service in DFW area. We help you fix any issue with your PC.

HP Computer RAM/Memory upgrade
Apple Mac RAM/Memory upgrade
Desktop RAM/Memory upgrade
Gaming PC RAM/Memory upgrade
Lenovo RAM/Memory upgrade
Asus RAM/Memory upgrade
Dell RAM/Memory upgrade
Macro Computer RAM Upgrade 
Toshiba RAM/Memory upgrade

Computer/Laptop No Bootable Device Found Fix in Dallas!!

BIOS is built in software which is responsible for loading or booting into computer operation. You might have get issues with the errors message such as No bootable device represented BY BIOS software. Thus, loading operating system is unable to boot which results message appearing in the screen “No Bootable Device”. In addition to that other hardware drives such as misplace or malfunctions of hard drive, USB flash drive, DVD cause the error message is displayed in the computer screen while start up. Computer boot from an unbootable device, Hard drive gets damaged, Operating system is corrupted, Virus attack, Motherboard error are the basics reasons of No Bootable Device appearing in the screen.

iFixHub provide No Bootable Device Fix solutions and services in all model of Apple mac and windows laptops such as Dell®, Toshiba®, HP®, ASUS®, Acer®, Samsung®, Gateway®, Lenovo®, IBM®, including MSI®, Gaming computers, Alienware®, and Apple® MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac, MacPro, Apple TV, iMac Pro, Cinema Display, Pro Display XDR.

Slow MacBook Pro A1278 Repair and Fix in Dallas!!

Is your MacBook Pro running slow? Does your MacBook Pro tune-up include virus removal? Do you want to update and upgrade the latest windows? Are you looking for free up disk space and configure automatic operating system updates? iFixHub provides following services on window PCs tune-up:

Startup optimization:- performance troubleshooter, delete an unnecessary job, limit programs run at startup, clean up hard disk, run fewer programs, restart regularly, Uninstall unused programs, remove unnecessary software, optimize web browser.

Hardware Diagnostic:– Windows performance monitor, Windows Resource Monitor, Open Hardware Monitor.

Post Test:- Graphic Stress Test, Thermal Test, Input/Output Test, Sensor Test, Performance Test, BIOS Test, Sensor Test, Boot Test, Hard Drive Test, Battery Test, OS Test, Memory Test.

Disk Optimization:– PC speed, Defrag, Slow Boot-ups, SSD Performance, Slow Anti-virus, File Recovery, Update windows


Satisfaction Guaranteed:- Quality is our main motto. iFixHub never compromises with high-quality repair parts and 100 percent customer service. We give more attention to customer issues and concerns earlier.

Limited Warranty:- Limited warranty is the best offer of iFixHub because anything happens after repair and replacement. So concerning customer issues, we provide the clients limited- term warranty in our services. If something happens after replacing, no additional cost at all.

Deeper Understanding:- iFixHub team always believes in science, mechanism, tech specs, blueprint, function, and how it’s design and build of any technology.

Good Communication:- iFixHub team actively listen, move, and react to our client’s each and every issue. Effective communication is always helpful to resolve the issue and make customers reliable which our team will provide that requirement.

Apple Certified Technician:- iFixHub has a computer science graduated and certified apple technician with service fundamental(SVC), Apple Certified iOS Technician(ACiT), Apple Certified Mac Technician( ACMT). Besides this certification, iFixHub has Microsoft Certification, Security, Mobility, Network, Mobility, and Deployment training.

Reasonable cost of service:- iFixHub is always aware of the market price which tries to give the best matching price to our clients. iFixHub has always one motto, NO FIX NO COST!!!!

Computer Boot Device Not Found Fix and Repair in Dallas !!

Have you recently updated or installed device drivers in your desktop or laptop? Your PC freezes all of sudden and restart? Are you feeling tired of automatic restart while you are doing your important project? Windows 10 Randomly Hangs/Freezing? Screen Goes Distorted and Computer Locks up Randomly? Windows computer restarting over and over again? My computer freezes randomly and frequently? PC sometimes freezes at startup; also displaying freezes and spontaneous restarts? Windows 10 Randomly freezes, must hard reboot? Desktop computer and Laptop randomly crashes? Yes, this is the common issue where client comes to our shop to troubleshoot. This happens because of faulty disk, bed sectors hard disk, or system failure which cannot perform properly results get freezes and random restarts. This might have happened while you are trying to install Windows yourself because of its several reason such as Windows detects an fatal error, Critical OS data has become corrupted while Windows detects, Hardware has failed while Windows detects, and other malfunctioning hardware, such as faulty memory, power supply issues, overheating of components and software issues. This kind of windows OS freezes and spontaneous restart errors are related to hardware, driver or low level software running in the Window kernel. Don’t Worry Don’t delay to get the appointment to fix your problems.

Apple iMac Machine Screen Replacement in Dallas!!

Mishandling behaviour and accidental damage create the defect in the Screen. Some of the iMac Screen Problems are as follows:

Broken and cracked screen
Stuttering or Flickering
Vertical Lines
Dead or Stuck Pixels.
Cracks, Spots, and Blotches
Incorrect Resolution
Water Damage
Backlight Issue
GPU issues
If you are facing above that trouble, we are here to fix your problem. We replace all  model of iMac such as A1862, A2115, A1419, A1312, A1418, A1311, A1225, A1200, A1224, A1207, A1208, A1174, A1173, A1076, A1058.

WHY IFIXHUB Repair Shop ?
Express Onsite Service
IT support Skills
Privacy and Security
Clear Communication
Apple Certified Technician

Hp laptop Power Button Repair and Fix in Dallas!!

Do you feel panic with your defective or bad power button and switch on your laptop? Is the power button stuck when push it in your laptop? Your laptop won’t turn off properly when you running your laptop? Do you find nothing happened when push the power button in a laptop? There might be several hardware and software reasons why your power button has stopped working? Our iFixHub team provides the solutions by diagnosing, replacing or recycling your problems.

We do offer discounts to our new and existing customers to make them feel happy. You have nothing to pay if our technician is unable to resolve the issue as we strongly believe in No Fix No Fee. We provide the laptop power button and switch repair to all model of laptops such as MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Google Pixel, Meizu, Motorola, Nexus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Blackberry, Microsoft, Dell®, Toshiba®, HP®, ASUS®, Acer®, Gateway®, Lenovo®, IBM®, including MSI®, Gaming computers, Alienware®.

Why power button and switch is not working in your laptop

Problems that cause power failures
faulty AC adapter, battery, DC jack, hard drive, RAM, or other components.
faulty power button
Installing a new power button

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Dallas !!

iPhone Batteries are designed on lithium-ion technology which provides the best feature in battery life, charge faster, last longer, rechargeable, and sustain power density. Every battery has a limited life cycle and expiration. Thus, iFixHub services provide all repair and support solutions to all models of the iPhone in battery Repair and Replacement. Does your iPhone battery drain too quickly? Do you want to find out that your iPhone battery is draining? Do you want to replace a new battery on your iPhone? Have you seen that the battery percentage is not increasing in your iPhone? Do you want to fix the battery performance iPhone? How do you fix battery life problems after getting a new iPhone? Are you experiencing a bad battery on the iPhone like after installing the iOS? Did you find another solution to remedy battery problems after updating iOS 11? NO WORRIES with all those problems.

iFixHub Battery Replacement offers genuine parts, same-day repairs, care+ service, warranty protection and repaired by certified technicians.

LCD Screen Replacement for Apple iPhone 6s Plus in Dallas !!

iFixHub iPhone Screen Repair provides solutions and services in all model of Apple iPhone such as A1429, A1442, A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533, A1456, A1507, A1723, A1549, A1522, A1633, A1634, A1660, A1661, A1863, A1864, A1865. iPhone 3G®, iPhone 3GS®, iPhone 4G®, iPhone 5G®, iPhone 5S®, iPhone 5C®, iPhone 6®, iPhone 6 plus®, iPhone 7®, iPhone 7 plus®, iPhone 8®, iPhone 8+®, iPhone X®, iPhone Xs Max®, iPhone XR®. 

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