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Let Us Build Your PC For You

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The importance of building a custom PC depends on how much you want to upgrade the software and how you control the software for customization. Do you want to choose your operating system to build a custom PC? Do you have the interest to make a custom build PC for your problem-solving skills? Do you want to build Custom build PC according to your budget and convenience? Custom Build PC is for gaming, editing or coding? NO WORRIES. Our iFixHub Team provides the best craftsmanship, performance, testing, and support to build any model of custom PC according to your budget and flexibility.

iFixHUB team provides the following Services

    1. Custom Build PC Graphics Card Repair Dallas
    2. Custom Build PC Display Issue Repair Dallas
    3. Custom Build PC Blue Screen Of Death Repair Dallas
    4. Custom Build PC Overheating Repair Dallas
    5. Custom Build PC Hard drive repair and Replacement Dallas
    6. Custom Build PC Virus Removal Dallas
    7. Custom Build PC System Optimization Repair Dallas
    8. Custom Build PC liquid damage repair Dallas
    9. Custom Build PC Keyboard Repair and Replacement Dallas
    10. Custom Build PC Touchpad Repair and Calibration Dallas
    11. Custom Build PC beeping sound or system warning diagnosis and repair services near Dallas
    12. Custom Build PC Laptop computer not charging repair Dallas
    13. Custom Build PC battery draining fast repair Dallas
    14. Custom Build PC not turning on repair Dallas
    15. Custom Build PC repair and upgrade recommendations Dallas
    16. On-site Custom Build PC Repair Dallas
    17. Custom Build PC Data Recovery Dallas
    18. Custom Build PC RAM upgrade Dallas
    19. Custom Build PC Screen/ LCD replacement Dallas
    20. Custom Build PC power supply replacement Dallas
    21. Custom Build PC build and repair Dallas
    22. Custom Build PC motherboard repair and diagnostics Dallas

Reasons to build Custom Build PC

  • Faster Performance
  • Better Cooling System
  • Faster Processing
  • Meet certain Compatibility factors
  • Cost Efficient
  • Easy to upgrades
  • Allow you to choose high quality parts
  • Customization
  • Appropriate Power Supply
  • Better and longer warranties


  • Clear Communication
  • Data privacy and security
  • Quality is Mission
  • Certified Skilled Technician
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Five-star Customer Service
  • Reasonable cost of Service
  • Warranty
  • Same Day Diagnostic


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My computer is not turning on. Can you fix this problem?

A: Fixing this problem depends on the diagnostic reports which consists of status, problem category, troubleshooting options, replacing parts and best price. Through these all steps we are able to fix this problem of why your computer is not turning.

Q: Does replacing the hard drive make your computer fast?

A: A: Yes, if your hard drive is old and you replace your hard drive with an SSD or a new Hard disk drive your computer will operate comparatively faster.

Q: What does a computer technician do?

A: A computer technician repairs and maintains all troubleshooting regarding computer issues such as repairing, configuring, installing, updating, creating, maintaining hardware and software

 Q: Does antivirus get rid of viruses?

A: The purpose of antivirus is to scan and detect all malicious virus which may infects all important data on the computer folder.

Q: How do I fix a slow Internet connection?

Slow internet is the problem being slow in speed of Wi-Fi signal which decreases the performance on the PC. To fix the slow internet connection is easy process such as troubleshoot hardware and software, turn of plugins and apps, troubleshoot on ISP,  Scan viruses, check for on-system interferences, check for external interferences etc

Q: What do I do if my computer has a system failure?

A: This is the failure on the Disk boot. To fix this problem, first we need to restart the computer, fix the BIOS, troubleshoot the hard disk issues, save settings.

Q: Why do my PC perform slowly when I open new browser?

  • Old hard disk
  • Old Operating System
  • Low RAM
  • Computer Viruses
  • Too many applications
  • Hardware malfunctions

Q: What happens when a computer overheats for too long?

A: The main reasons of being overheat PC are old battery, defects on GPU, defects on CPU, malfunction on OS.

Q: Can you fix a water damaged laptop?

A: When your computer contacts with the water, there might be high chance to damage your any part of your computer. First just assure that data should be backed up where your important files should preserved. After data is preserved from hard drive ,then we test on the other hardware and software parts.

Q:What’s the maximum ram that i can upgrade to?
A:We have to check your model number to find the maximum ram that your computer support. Please have your model number ready while calling us. It’s on the back of most laptops.

Q:Will my computer support new programs after ram upgrade?
A:Your computer will be able to run newer software that require higher ram but there are other specifications needed for software too. please check the software specifications to confirm.

Q:My computer was running well when i bought it. Why do i need ram upgrade now?
A:Newer software have more functionality and features that require more memory to run. Also, new operating systems and updates require more ram to load that could take up more space on ram.

Q: What is the RAM upgrade?
A: RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is basically a fast chunk of memory used to store programs that are running then. Upgrading RAM means getting more processing memory.

Q: Can I just add more RAM to my computer?
A: Yes, you can do that if you have exact same RAM model which came together with your computer. You also need to have free RAM slot to insert that RAM.

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