MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement


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Battery inside the MacBook Pro has a rechargeable circumstance that has the constrained lifecycle that is designed to maintain up to 80% of 1000 full charge cycles. After a confined lifespan finished, it might also require servicing or recycling. Replacing the built-in battery in MacBook Pro is very sensitive and safety concern. The malfunction of the battery interior the MacBook Pro reason the following quite a few problems:

  • Low Performance
  • Drain quickly
  • Not Charging Properly
  • Laptop gets very hot during use
  • Shut Down Automatically while using
  • A defective or old battery gets the chance of swelling.

These above troubles occur when there is a hassle with the defective battery. Thus, each and every battery has a positive lifespan that depends on usage and settings. If you are searching at the fine vicinity to replace the battery or to seek advice from the battery difficulty in the MacBook Pro, our Apple Certified Technician usually ready to repair your problem.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

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  • MacBook Pro A1989 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth not working fix
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  • MacBook Pro A1151 keyboard not working fix
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  • MacBook Pro A1502 motherboard repair and replacement
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  • Good Communication
  • Apple Certified Technician
  • Five-star Customer Service
  • Reasonable cost of Service
  • Warranty

How to replace Battery in MacBook Pro?

iFixHub is the first-rate IT options and computer troubleshooting service around the Dallas metropolitan area. iFixHub has been offering the first-rate services for 5 years on the recycling and replacing the battery of any sort of MacBook Pro. According to Apple pointers and resource, our technician replaces and recycle the battery in MacBook Pro. If you are experiencing the trouble of battery replacement, you can do it at home. Remember it needed the protection information and practical competencies to replace the battery in MacBook Pro. Some of the following simple steps should be executed while replacing the battery if you are doing yourself.

  • Buy a replacement battery
  • Make sure you have the specialized tools
  • Back up your Data
  • Disassemble the MacBook Pro
  • Re-assemble and diagnose the MacBook Pro
  • Don’t forget to dispose of the Old Battery properly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How much does it cost to replace a MacBook Pro battery?

A: The fee of replacing a MacBook Pro Battery starts off evolved from $99 depending on the model of MacBook Pro.

Q: How long does a MacBook Pro battery last before replacement?

A: The replacing battery lifespan of up to 5 years

Q: Can I change the battery in my MacBook Pro?

A: Replacing the battery is a sensitive and safety concern. If you are following the guidelines of apple repair products and having tools, you can replace it. But my recommendation is first to get consult with the apple certified technician.

Q: Is it worth it to replace the MacBook Pro battery?

A: If your MacBook is really old and not perform properly because of other issues, you may be better off putting your pocket money to replace instead. Make sure, you should have back up your data before replacing the battery.

Q: How do I know if my MacBook Pro needs a new battery?

A: Click the top menu bar, then click on the battery level. Then it says Replace Soon, Replace Now, Service Battery.