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Affordable MacBook Pro Apple Logo Stuck Repair

Stuck at the Apple Logo screen in MacBook Pro with the loading and progress bar is a possible issue in MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro won’t boot up properly at this moment because if you have recently done a macOS upgrade in MacBook Pro, the upgrade result is not completed successfully. At this time the operating system does not support the software of MacBook Pro then apple logo stuck while startup. This is the common issue of MacBook Pro devices. It also occurs when file system corruption or low disk space. 

Apple logo stuck on your MacBook Pro is a common issue because of something processes wrong during updating, downloading, data transferring and as a result of corrupted software in the completion of the boot-up process. There might be two reasons for sticking on the apple logo in your MacBook Pro. One is a hardware issue and another is a software issue. While you upgrade or replacing the new parts as hardware in MacBook Pro and it doesn’t support its compatibility then the apple logo will be stuck in the middle of the screen while boot-up process. While you are updating or transferring new data or software and it is not compatible with your iOS then this situation happens on your MacBook Pro. NO WORRIES!!!!


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IFIXHUB Dallas MacBook Pro Apple logo stuck Repair offers an express repair, genuine Apple parts, same-day repairs, warranty protection, and repaired by Apple iOS certified technicians along with a wide range of MacBook Pro Apple logo stuck accessories and refurbished devices. We are providing an MacBook Pro Apple logo stuck repair service since 2011. Thus our team is so proud of offering an expressive service by our accredited apple certified technicians, on-site at each of our shops, and all MacBook Pro Apple logo stuck repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty at an affordable price in Dallas!!! IFIXHUB is the first-rate IT solution and MacBook Pro apple logo stuck troubleshooting service around the Dallas metropolitan area. IFIXHUB services provide all MacBook Pro apple logo stuck repair and support solutions to all models of the MacBook Pro.

Reasons for being stuck on the apple logo in MacBook Pro


  • MacBook Pro macOS won’t update

If you are MacBook Pro lover, you might have noticed with notification message appears when updates are available to install automatically. If doesn’t allow to install automatically, manual update can be done. For that , check connections and reboot, manually update, stand-alone update, reset mac, make sure sufficient memory space, sufficient power, and valid apple ID and password.

  • MacBook Pro activation and WiFi problems

Activation lock can be configured in MacBook Pro with Apple T2 chip which can be seen in the the Apple Support article about  the Apple T2 Security Chip. If you are facing with the problem of activation and WiFi , it may result stuck on the apple logo in the display. This problem can be solved by setting activation lock during enrollment, allow activation lock, use activation lock bypass code, clear activation lock and see the result.

  • The latest version of macOS update software corruption in MacBook Pro

If you are configuring latest version of macOS and found the software corruption, it may result stuck on the apple logo stuck.  Thus it is important to verify that disk image’s data isn’t corrupted using Disk Utility on MacBook Pro, connect to the Internet, Set the correct time/date, verify the integrity of the file, try safe mode to fix corrupted OS after upgrading latest macOS, try disk utility in macOS recovery mode, reinstall macOS after upgrading failed.

  • MacBook Pro Software Installation defective process

Fresh copy of macOS can be installed in the the convenient way  with the help of macOS installer that is a bootable USD drive to allow MacBook Pro users to perform a stable installation easily and quickly. Similarly, there is high chance of crashing the software as a result of defective process.

  • MacBook Pro Connectivity Issues

It is the most important to update the new software in MacBook Pro at the time of stable Internet connection. Make sue your date, time, and location are correct, change your MacBook Pro’s domain name system, disconnect all USB accessories, create new network location, reset network preferences, and run wireless diagnostic on your MacBook Pro.

  • MacBook Pro Physical damage to the MacBook Pro

Cracked screen, Shattered screen, Chipped screen, Damaged or corroded ports, Deep gouges or scratches on display or casing, Cracked or damaged frame, Excessive dings, Discolored display, Missing Warranty label, Broken body , Missing screws, Missing keys or buttons may happens the catastrophic results and creates stuck in apple logo on your MacBook Pro.

  • Liquid damage to the MacBook Pro

When MacBook Pro gets contact with water accidentally, there might be a high chance to get a damaged hard drive, battery, RAM, motherboard, CPU, optical drives or other any parts which may not functions properly. In this case, Don’t Panic. First, you should make sure that your data is safe or not. Thus, I recommend that turn off MacBook Pro then, with the lid open, turn the MacBook Pro upside down, wipe up the liquid, disassemble and clean MacBook Pro, let everything dry, reassemble the MacBook Pro and try to boot it, and test it. But These all require special skills because if you did minor fault, it may cause damage to MacBook Pro and destroy all data inside the hard drive having the issue of stuck in the apple logo.


Excellent MacBook Prom Apple Logo Stuck Repair Dallas

If you are facing above trouble with apple logo stuck  in MacBook Pro, we are here to fix your problem. We replace all  model of MacBook Pro such as A1989, A1990, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1502, A1398, A1425, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1260, A1261, A1229, A1226, A1211, A1212, A1150, A1151.MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement in Dallas.

Alternative Solutions for Apple Logo Stuck in MacBook Pro


  • Restart the MacBook Pro Completely

Restart the MacBook is basic solution if you have the problem with the application are not responding, unresponsive pointers, loud fan noise, randomly screen goes black, freezing all the time while using.

  • Boot MacBook Pro in Safe Mode in MacBook Pro

Safe mode is the type of diagnostic process which helps to prevent your MacBook Pro from loading certain software as it has the starts up process. Using safe mode in booting process deletes some system caches,, kernel caches and apple logo stuck in the display.  Turn off your MacBook Pro, Turn on your MacBook Pro after hearing the startup tone, then press and hold the Shift key, wait for the login process in the screen, release the Shift Key after you see the login screen, then finally your MacBook Pro in now safe mode which allows to log into MacBook Pro.

  • Reset the PRAM / NVRAM in MacBook Pro

Reset the PRAM/NVRAM helps to reset the speaker volume, display resolution, disk not found during the startup. To reset The PRAM/NVRAM  shut down MacBook Pro, press and hold command,P and R, and release keys before the black screen with the Apple logo appears.

  • Reset the System Management Controller

SMC play an important role in making balancing of thermal and power management, battery charging, video mode switching, sleep and wake, hibernation, and LED indicators and resolve the stuck in the apple logo stuck. SMC can be done with shut down MacBook Pro, press and hold power button for 10 seconds, release the power button, see the results for few seconds, then press the power button to turn on your MacBook Pro.

  • Run Disk Utility in Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is the type of diagnostic process of macOS in the MacBook Pro which loads native recovery tools by the help of Time Machine backup to restore the data, reinstall macOS, erase a hard disk and more. MacBook Pro has the built-in feature of macOS recovery which can be used its utilities to recover from certain software issues the time of start up process.

  • Remove Incompatible Kernel Extensions
  • Restore From Time Machine Backup or Reinstall macOS

Eventually, If your MacBook Pro is still stuck on the apple logo at startup after doing the above guidelines, you can take an appointment with us for fixing this issue.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:-What should I do if my MacBook Pro is stuck on the Apple logo?

A:- If you have the problem with the stuck in the apple logo on your MacBook Pro. perform the hard reboot, apply force restart, restore MacBook Pro in Recovery mode, perform a complete safe mode.


Q:- What does it mean when my MacBook Pro is stuck on the Apple  Logo symbol?

A:- Having a problem with the stuck in the apple logo on MacBook Pro means Apple logo stuck on your MacBook Pro is a common issue because of something processes wrong during updating, downloading, data transferring and as a result of corrupted software in the completion of the boot-up process.


Q:- Can Hard Reboot or force restart fix this apple logo stuck in MacBook Pro?

A:- Hard reboot or force restart is a basic solution to fix the apple logo stuck in your MacBook Pro.  Different MacBook Pro has different methods to restart the MacBook Pro. The hard reboot will restore the MacBook Pro basic setting by troubleshooting all the third-party applications and settings. This process creates the deletion of all stored data on the MacBook Pro. Thus make sure that to back up all important data in iCloud or external hard drive before doing the hard reboot.


Q:- How does recovery mode helps to fix the apple logo stuck MacBook Pro? 

A:- Restore MacBook Pro in Recovery mode is the basic diagnostic while the apple logo is stuck in the display because something went wrong with the update and download the software. Make sure recovery deletes all data existing in your MacBook Pro memory. Recovery mode gives access to restore the damaged iOS and make your system compatible between hardware and software.



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