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iFixHub team provides the MacBook battery service and recycling in every models of MacBook such as  MacBook® Air A1932 2018 Retina 13″, MacBook Air® A1466 2017 13″, MacBook Air® A1466 E2015 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 E2015 11″, MacBook Air® A1466 E2014 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 E2014 11″, MacBook Air® A1466 E2013 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 M2013 11″, MacBook Air® A1466 M2012 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 M2012 11″, MacBook Air® A1369 M2011 13″, MacBook Air® A1370 M2011 11″, MacBook Air® A1369 L2010 13″, MacBook Air® A1370 L2010 11″, MacBook Air® A1304 M2009, MacBook Air® A1304 L2008, MacBook Air® A1237 2007. There is nothing which is not expired thus, all rechargeable batteries have a certain lifecycle and finally it is necessary to be serviced or recycled. When you use MacBook most of the time, it needs to check own battery’s lifespan.

Does your MacBook battery drain too quickly? Do you want to find out that your MacBook battery is draining? Do you want to replace new battery in MacBook? Have you seen that the battery percentage is not increasing? Do you want to fix the battery performance? How do you fix battery life problems after getting new MacBook? Are you experiencing bad battery like after installing iOS 13? Did you find another solution to remedy battery problems after updating iOS 11? NO WORRIES with all those problems. Apple MacBook batteries are designed on the lithium- ion technology which provides the best feature in battery life, charge faster, last longer, rechargeable, and sustain power density in all Apple MacBook. Every battery has limited life cycle and expiration. Thus,  iFixHub services provide all repair and support solutions to all model of MacBook in battery Repair and Replacement.


Basic Optimized Process for Battery Life in MacBook

Turn on reduce motion in MacBook

Turn on Auto-lock in MacBook

Close out of the application on your iPad in MacBook

Turn off unnecessary notifications MacBook

Turn off unnecessary location services in MacBook

Disable specific system services in MacBook

Remove widgets you don’t use in MacBook

It’s better to keep iPad at a cool temperature in MacBook


MacBook Battery Replacement Services


  • MacBook The battery percentage is not increasing Services
  • MacBook No Service” after battery change Services
  • MacBook Replaced battery now phone won’t turn on Services
  • MacBook stuck in Recovery mode after Battery replacement Services
  • MacBook Replaced battery, still having fast drain Services
  • MacBook Battery wont charge after new battery installed Services
  • MacBook Power & home button not working after battery replacement Services
  • MacBook Replace a swollen battery on iPad Services
  • MacBook Maximizing Battery Performance Services



Satisfaction Guaranteed:- Quality is our main motto. iFixHub never compromises with high-quality repair parts and 100 percent customer service. We give more attention to customer issues and concerns earlier.

Limited Warranty:- Limited warranty is the best offer of iFixHub because anything happens after repair and replacement. So concerning customer issues, we provide the clients limited- term warranty in our services. If something happens after replacing, no additional cost at all.

Deeper Understanding:- iFixHub team always believes in science, mechanism, tech specs, blueprint, function, and how it’s design and build of any technology.

Good Communication:- iFixHub team actively listen, move, and react to our client’s each and every issue. Effective communication is always helpful to resolve the issue and make customers reliable which our team will provide that requirement.

Apple Certified Technician:- iFixHub has a computer science graduated and certified apple technician with service fundamental(SVC), Apple Certified iOS Technician(ACiT), Apple Certified Mac Technician( ACMT). Besides this certification, iFixHub has Microsoft Certification, Security, Mobility, Network, Mobility, and Deployment training.

Five-Star Customer Service:- iFixHub never compromises in excellent repair and best quality in providing supports and servicing which has been continuing for 7 years of this support and service field.

Reasonable cost of service:- iFixHub is always aware of the market price which tries to give the best matching price to our clients. iFixHub has always one motto, NO FIX NO COST!!!!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you fix the freezing MacBook?

A: You can force restart your MacBook. Then, you can reboot your MacBook. But, remember that it’s not good to reboot MacBook again and again. If does’t work, you need to go with professional tech.

Q: Can the battery be replaced in an MacBook pro?

A: There is no fee if there is defective battery under the warranty. Otherwise MacBook Pro battery can be replaced  in reasonable cost and same day repaired.

Q: How much it will cost to repair the broken MacBook battery?

A: Cost for broken MacBook battery replacement depends upon what model of MacBook screen you have and the cost fluctuates depending upon the time and quality of the battery.

Q: My MacBook® Freezes all the time? How can I fix it?

A: Delete unwanted apps & files, restart your MacBook and get connected to the secure network. You can also reset your MacBook to factory setting to fix this issue.

Q: Can changing the screen of my MacBook® affect the touch ID?

A: Yes, if you change your MacBook® screen without the proper knowledge and experience then your touch ID might get affected because the touch ID on the MacBook® is really sensitive.

Q: How can you tell an MacBook has water damage?

A: Look for a red water contact indicator.


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