MacBook Air Does Not Turn On

MacBook Air Does Not Turn On

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              MacBook Air Does Not Turn On

MacBook is the best easy to portable laptop with a thin, lightweight laptop from Apple products. Apple has launched from 1st generation through 3rd generation MacBook Air with different models such as A1932, A1466, A1465, A1369, A1370, A1304, A1237. MacBook Air has dynamic features such as an Intel dual-core Core i5 processor, LED-backlit, glossy widescreen displays, an integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics processor with full 3D support and a very thin but strong aluminum case.

Because of its excessive usage, the user might face many problems with MacBook Air. The basic problem is MacBook Air doesn’t turn on. It completely stucks on the startup. Here are some basic tips which you can do at home. They are:

  • Check your charger’s cable
  • MacBook won’t boot?  it’s better to start it in a safe mode.
  • Plug the special power cycle
  • .Diagnose with SMC
  • Check with Recovery Mode from Disk Utility
  • Check your display
  • Reset the PRAM?NVRAM
  • Check the file system

If these all process doesn’t work, it needs special diagnostic from our Apple Certified Technician. On the basis of our 7 years experience and Apple repair guidelines, there might be following some reasons for the booting issue.

  • Hardware issues
  • Corrupted caches
  • Incompatible login
  • Unauthorized websites
  • Old battery
  • Malicious viruses

We pay attention to all those reasons why Macbook Air completely dead. Then we diagnose in the logic board which consists of a processor, ram, integrated graphics card, disk drive, hard drive, SSD, circuitry, keyboard, monitor and other peripherals. This diagnostic approach is the scientific way to find out the solution in the lab with our Apple Certified Technician where we use advanced technology and sophisticated software.


MacBook Air Does Not Turn On

  • Completely dead MacBook Air, won’t turn on how to fix
  • MacBook Air A1932 SSD replacement
  • MacBook Air A1466 Data Recovery
  • MacBook Air A1465 liquid damage repair
  • MacBook Air A1369 battery replacement
  • MacBook Air A1370 charging port replacement
  • MacBook Air A1304 Screen and LCD replacement
  • MacBook Air A1932 A1237 OSX Installation and Configuration
  • MacBook  Air A1932 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth not working fix
  • MacBook Air A1369  Facetime or camera not working fix
  • MacBook Air A1932  Trackpad not working fix
  • MacBook Air A1369  keyboard not working fix
  • MacBook Air A1369 overheating issue fix
  • MacBook Air A1304 motherboard repair and replacement
  • MacBook Air A1465 Virus Removal


  • Deeper Understanding
  • Good Communication
  • Apple Certified Technician
  • Five-star Customer Service
  • Reasonable cost of Service
  • Warranty


Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What do I do if my MacBook Air won’t turn on?

A: Plug in the power, press Shift-Control-Option, press Power button, hold 10 sec, release key then press power button to start up. If it doesn’t work call us.

Q: What is the problem if the MacBook Air is not turning on?

There might be a problem with hardware issue thus it better to disconnect the AC adapter and disconnect the battery from the logic board and try another new battery and turn on your MacBook Air.

Q: Why won’t my laptop turn on even when plugged in?

There might be a defect with a power supply with battery, logicboard/motherboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD or connector.

Q: My MacBook doesn’t turn on. How much it costs for fixing?

A: There might be several reasons for not turning on the MacBook Air. After diagnosing the laptop, we able to quote the price of fixing and replacing the parts if necessary.

Q: Why MacBook Air suddenly shut down?

A: It happens because of overheating power supply, old battery, malfunctioning of software and hardware and other related issues.








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