iPhone XS Max logic board repair in Dallas


Our certified and skillful team of technician is competent to diagnose and repair a wide range of logic board problems including:-

No video on the iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS Max does not boot
iPhone XS Max freezes intermittently
iPhone XS Max does not turn on at all
Distorted or scrambled video in iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS Max restarts unexpectedly
iPhone XS Max randomly shuts down
iPhone XS Max Liquid damage
iPhone XS Max overheating
iPhone XS Max Graphics processing unit (GPU) failure
iPhone XS Max No power at all
If our team decided that this problem comes from the logic board, they will prepare a detail diagnostic assessment with repair and replacement cost of the logic board which cost starts from $100 to $300 depending on the iPhone 8 model and complicated issue. This service includes 90- day warranty if you find any issues because of a defective logic board.

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