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iPhone XR was released on October 2018 with iOS, 6.1 in OLED display, facial recognition, rear camera: 64 GB and 128 GB storage capacity, 3D camera functionality A11 Bionic processor, glass body, edge to edge display, no home button, animoji, wireless charging. iPhone XR came with different colors in the market such as yellow, white, coral, black, blue.  The main different between X and XR are iPhone X has the OLED display where iPhone XR has LCD only; then iPhone X has dual lens whereas XR has only one lens. Similairy iPhone X is different than iPhone XR in terms of size, storage, color,and other specific tech specification. Apple iPhone XR is a sophisticated smartphone with its advanced features and functions, unlike other smartphones.


Need to Replace iPhone X Battery Near Dallas?

iPhone XR Batteries are designed on lithium-ion technology which provides the best feature in battery life, charge faster, last longer, rechargeable, and sustain power density. Every battery has a limited life cycle and expiration. Thus, iFixHub services provide all repair and support solutions to all models of the iPhone XR in battery Repair and Replacement. Does your iPhone XR battery drain too quickly? Do you want to find out that your iPhone XR battery is draining? Do you want to replace a new battery on your iPhone XR? Have you seen that the battery percentage is not increasing in your iPhone XR? Do you want to fix the battery performance iPhone XR? How do you fix battery life problems after getting a new iPhone XR? Are you experiencing a bad battery on the iPhone XR like after installing the iOS? Did you find another solution to remedy battery problems after updating iOS 11? NO WORRIES with all those problems.

IFIXHUB iPhone XR Battery Replacement Near Dallas

iFixHub Battery Replacement offers genuine parts, same-day repairs, care+ service, warranty protection and repaired by certified technicians. We have several cases where iPhone XR batteries are found to be damaged and in every scenario, the iPhone XR battery gets damaged or cracked. iFixHub is the best way to fix your iPhone XR battery immediately with warranty and within 30 mins. iFixHub is the first-rate IT solution on iPhone XR battery troubleshooting services around the Dallas metropolitan area. iFixHub services provide all repair and support solutions to all models of iPhone XR Repair and Replacement.

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Repair Services on iPhone XR Battery Near Dallas

Apple iPhone XR batteries are designed on lithium-ion technology which provides the best feature in battery life, charges faster, lasts longer, rechargeable, and sustains power density in all Apple iPhone XR. Every battery has a limited life cycle and expiration. Thus iFixHub services provide all repair and support solutions to all models of iPhone XR in battery Repair and Replacement. 

  • The iPhone XR battery percentage is not increasing replacement Services

This issue is a common issue on the iPhone XR battery where most of the client complains about it. The client has no issue with the charging but after charging, your iPhone XR doesn’t show the increasing on the percentage. This happens most of the time after updating the new iOS on the iPhone XR. Some of the alternative solutions for the iPhone XR might be resetting some features such as turn off and turn on set automatically, turn off the battery percentage then turn it back on, restore iPhone XR using iTunes, replace the battery.


This problem happens when you recently replaced your iPhone XR battery, as a result, you have no access to connect cellular networks from your iPhone XR. if the ‘No Service’ message was seen on your iPhone XR, it is because of your defective hardware components or software issue.

  • Replaced battery now the iPhone XR won’t turn on Services:-

When your iPhone XR does not turn on, it can be really panic. There are many reasons why your iPhone XR won’t turn after replacing the battery. The basic reasons might be battery failure, water damage, physical damage, software issues, broken screen, logic board issue, defective charging port, and power supply issue. IFIXHUB team is ready to fix this kind of problem if your iPhone XR doesn’t turn on because of replacing the new battery.


  • iPhone XR stuck in Recovery mode after Battery replacement Services:-

Replacing the battery might have several software and hardware issues. One of the reasons is the iPhone XR stuck in recovery mode after battery replacement and unable to restore the iPhone XR due to some hardware issues that might bring the effect on the restoring process. This issues might be solved by using the setup iTunes and put the iPhone XR in DFU mode to restoring setup iTunes and put the iPhone XR in DFU mode and try restoring this way! 

  • Replaced battery, still having fast drain in iPhone XR Services:-

Are you worried about the fast drain battery after replacing the new battery on the iPhone XR? There are few things need to be done such as performing a hard restart, calibrating the new battery,  or replacing the new battery in your iPhone XR. If these solutions don’t work, iPhone XR needs to diagnose where our Apple-certified iOS will help for that.

  • Battery won’t charge after new battery installed in iPhone XR Services:-

Looking to fix an iPhone XR that won’t charge? Some of the reasons for not charging your iPhone XR might be hardware and software issues such as no electricity on the logic board,  issues with charging components, water damage, software issues, overheating, and corrosion on the logic board.


  • Power & home button not working in iPhone XR after battery replacement Services:-

The home button of the iPhone XR plays an important role to serve as a security authenticator of your fingerprints, application can be exited and gets back to home screen. If you found that power and home button is not working after battery replacement, some of the troubleshooting can be done such as hard reset of iPhone XR, reset all settings, apply assistive touch, backup and restore through iTunes.


  • Replace a swollen battery on iPhone XR replacement Services:-

Is your iPhone XR is old or is your battery is old. Every battery has certain life cycle which decreases on the basis of usage. Warning!!! It is recommended that disassembling the swollwen battery can be dangerous if you don’t follow the proper guidelines. It is better to wear gloves, eye protection, and breathing mask, make sure the iPhone XR battery is completely disconnected, execute the disassembly in a proper ventilated area, use proper tools, get training before you replacing the iPhone XR swollen battery.


  • Maximizing iPhone XR Battery Performance Services:-

If you want to miximizing iPhone XR battery performances some of the tips can be followed such as make low power mode, fix your auto lock, disable location services if you are not using, turn of push off on your email accounts , turn of background auto-fresh, and exit unnecessary application on the background if you are not using at the moment.



WHY IFIXHUB TO Replacement Battery iPhone XR in Dallas?

Satisfaction Guaranteed:- Quality is our main motto. iFixHub never compromises with high-quality repair parts and 100 percent customer service. We give more attention to customer issues and concerns earlier.

Limited Warranty:- Limited warranty is the best offer of iFixHub because anything happens after repair and replacement. So concerning customer issues, we provide the clients limited- term warranty in our services. If something happens after replacing, no additional cost at all.

Deeper Understanding:- iFixHub team always believes in science, mechanism, tech specs, blueprint, function, and how it’s design and build of any technology.

Good Communication:- iFixHub team actively listen, move, and react to our client’s each and every issue. Effective communication is always helpful to resolve the issue and make customers reliable which our team will provide that requirement.

Apple Certified Technician:- iFixHub has a computer science graduated and certified apple technician with service fundamental(SVC), Apple Certified iOS Technician(ACiT), Apple Certified Mac Technician( ACMT). Besides this certification, iFixHub has Microsoft Certification, Security, Mobility, Network, Mobility, and Deployment training.

Five-Star Customer Service:- iFixHub never compromises in excellent repair and best quality in providing supports and servicing which has been continuing for 7 years of this support and service field.

Reasonable cost of service:- iFixHub is always aware of the market price which tries to give the best matching price to our clients. iFixHub has always one motto, NO FIX NO COST!!!!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does iFixHub fix iPhone XR swollen battery?

A:- Yes, iFixHub provides the iPhone XR battery repair and replacement services for all iPhone XR user. If you are near Dallas are and looking for the best shop to get battery fixed quick and affordable prices, we are here to replace your iPhone XR battery.

Q: How much it will cost to repair the iPhone XR battery?

A: Cost for old iPhone XR battery replacement depends upon what model of iPhone  XR battery you have and the cost fluctuates depending upon the time and quality of the battery.

Q: My iPhone XR® Freezes all the time? How can I fix it?

A: Delete unwanted apps & files, restart your iPhone XR, and get connected to the secure network. You can also reset your iPhone XR to factory setting to fix this issue.

Q: Can changing the screen of my iPhone XR® affect the touch ID?

A: Yes, if you change your iPhone XR® screen without the proper knowledge and experience then your touch ID might get affected because the touch ID on the iPhone XR® is really sensitive.

Q: How can you tell an iPhone X has water damage?

A: Look for a red water contact indicator.

Q: How much does it cost to replace battery on iPhone X and iPhone X Plus?

A: Depending on your iPhone XR models, the cost of glass starts from $59 plus tax including 90 days warranty and free temper glass.

Q: How much does it charge for battery replacement for iPhone X and iPhone X Plus?

A: Depending on your iPhone XR model number, the cost of battery replacement starts $49 plus tax including labor cost, 90 days warranty, and free temper glass.

Q: Can I replace my iPhone XR and iPhone XR plus battery myself?

A: Replacing the battery is a safety issue. If you are not following the guidelines of ESD precautions according to Apple Repair, there might be unexpected damage and defect on battery and power supply.

 Q: How do I fix my iPhone XR plus speaker?

A: Adjust volume settings, update iOS, ensure no dirt, dust, or debris on the iPhone XR speaker.

Q:- How to fix the Apple logo stuck on the iPhone XR ?

A:- This the common issue on the iPhone XR. There might be two reasons, one is a hardware issue related to the motherboard chip need to be replaced and reprogram your iPhone XR and another issue might be software issues related to the need to upgrade iOS or iTunes issues. For that, restart the iPhone XR, put the iPhone XR into the recovery mode, and use DFU mode.

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