The iMac was created with the concept of a superb desktop computer who spends most of the time in computer software. Nowadays the importance of iMac is increasing rapidly because of its features and technical specifications such as Big LED-backlit display, dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB of 2133MHz DDR4 memory, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, Video Support and Camera. FaceTime HD camera. Thus, Expandable Ram, Display – Size and Type, Display- Retina or standard, Storage- Bigger, Faster, or Both, Graphics Processor Options.

Why Upgrade RAM on iMac


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iMac Cannot exist without Ram. The main purpose of RAM in iMac is to provide quick read and write access to Hard Drive. iMac uses RAM to retrieve and load data. Because of  its quickly, improving speed and responsiveness, the performance of iMac can be increased in daily use. Normally, 8GB RAM is enough to regulate the social networking, web browsing , apps, email, youtube, and doing normal things easily. The Basic reason of upgrading RAM on iMa are as follows:

  • Avoid Computer Slow Performance 
  • Availability of More Program and Application
  • Faster Browsing
  • Better Network
  • Gaming Enhancement 
  • Speed up of Computer Performance
  • Finally Time Saving 


iMac RAM Upgrade/Replacement and Repair

  • iMac Screen Replacement and Repair

  • iMac LCD Replacement and Repair

  • iMac RAM Upgrade/Replacement and Repair

  • iMac Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement

  • iMac OS installation/Upgrade

  • iMac Data Recovery/Cloning

  • iMac Power Issues Diagnositic/Fixing

  • iMac Logic Board Replacement/Fixing

  • iMac hard Drive Thermal Sensor Repair and Replacement

  • iMac Fan Repair and Replacement



  • Express Onsite Service
  • IT support Skills
  • Privacy and Security
  • Clear Communication
  • Apple Certified Technician


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