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Don’t have enough space for the memory storage in Hard Drive? Are you not able to mount hard drive in iMac? Are you scared of data loss because of the old hard drive in iMac? Are you unable to partition the disk drive? iMac hard drive encryption password lost? Is iMac not showing up hard drive in Disk Utility. DON’T WORRY!!!! Bring your iMac to your iFixHub tech repair Dallas and get the hard drive replaced form apple certified technicians at a very reasonable rate. iFixHub is the first-rate IT solution and iMac hard drive replacement service around the Dallas metropolitan area with the best customer service and best price. 

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iMac Hard Drive Issues

  • iMac hard drive not showing up in Disk Utility
  • iMac hard drive not supported in mounting
  • iMac hard drive response slow
  • iMac hard drive’s partition deleted
  • iMac hard drive clicking sound
  • iMac hard drive encryption password lost
  • iMac hard drive data loss
  • iMac hard drive unable to detected in Windows
  • iMac hard drive not partition the disk drive
  • iMac hard drive not more space for data storage


iFixHub provides following Repairs on iMacs besides hard drive replacement.

  • Mac Screen Replacement and Repair
  • iMac LCD Replacement and Repair

  • iMac RAM Upgrade/Replacement and Repair

  • iMac Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement

  • iMac OS installation/Upgrade

  • iMac Data Recovery/Cloning

  • iMac Power Issues Diagnositic/Fixing

  • iMac Logic Board Replacement/Fixing

  • iMac hard Drive Thermal Sensor Repair and Replacement

  • iMac Fan Repair and Replacement




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  • Data privacy and security
  • Quality is Mission
  • Certified Skilled Technician
  • Deeper Understanding 
  • Five-star Customer Service
  • Reasonable cost of Service
  • Warranty
  • Same Day Diagnostic


Frequently Asked Question

Q: How much does it cost to repair  an iMac?

A: The cost of repair an iMac depends on the model and size of iMac because iMac has two features retina and non- Retina display. Retina display iMac is more expensive than Non- Retina display.

Q: Why iMac made the clicking sound and shows a folder sign?

A: There might be several reason of making clicking sound and shows a folder sign. This issue could be from failed printed circuit board assembly, system area damage, degraded head or defective hard drive on iMac.

Q: Is it possible to data transfer from one hard drive to another hard drive of iMac?

A: Depending on the conditions of hard drive, it can be said. Normally we checked the all system of data migration with our software such as how much data is there, which kind data is there. After analysis in detail, we give you the final cost quote of transferring data from one drive to another.


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