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All Models We Support

iPad, iPhone, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro,  Mac mini, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Google Pixel, Meizu, Motorola, Nexus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Blackberry, Microsoft, Dell®, Toshiba®, HP®, ASUS®, Acer®, Gateway®, Lenovo®, IBM®, including MSI®, Gaming computers, Alienware®.


Are you looking for onsite service at your home or business? Do you want to set up new computer and wireless networks? Is there any problem with cyber threat and virus infection in your computer? Don’ worry. Call us and get the appointment on the basis your time favor.  Our iFixHub team come to your home to fix all the problem related to any computer technology issues. No Fix, No Cost!!!!!

Smart Home Camera Installations

Home security system needs the well- installed and properly functioning security camera. Smart home camera is important for crime deterrent, monitors activities, collect evidence, decision making, keep records. iFixHub provides the best home service and solutions on smart home camera installation.

  • Consult to identify the best location for camera installation
  • Mount the camera on walls or the best places
  • Properly connect camera with Wi-Fi Networks
  • Mobile App installation and Setup
  • System Performance Check
  • Give Training on using the apps


Home Computer Service

iFixHub team are anytime ready to come your home with multiple solutions to fix your any brand of computer problem. Our common service includes virus removal, HDD upgrade, Anti-virus Installation, Memory Upgrade, OS Installation, Data Migration, Software Installation, System.

  1. Diagnose all brand of Computer:– If you are stuck to run your daily life because of computer technology and networking, this is the right time and right decision choosing us. iFixHub team will come to your home to provide the best service with paying delivering fee and ensuring your privacy. Our diagnostic service includes liquid damage, physical damage, battery replacement, screen replacement, motherboard replacement, LED/LCD screen replacement, logic board replacement, network trouble shooting diagnose and more.
  2. Network Services:- Computer doesn’t exist without network. iFixHub is the best option to do troubleshoot of home networking. Our network service includes wireless network setup, network backup and restore, network cabling and support, network content filtering, router and switch setup, VoIP services, network security, managed network.
  3. Custom Service:- A small problem may cause big accident in the future. iFixHub provides the assistance and advice to those home people who are not aware of the technology. Our custom service provides media recovery, backup and restore, cloud backup setup, email configuration, keyboard repair, parental control setup, password control setup, password setup and reset, HDD cloning service and more.


Home IT Consulting

FixHub is the independent service company and is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. who provides the advising and educating our client about the updated technology, IT consulting, business and technology services, managed IT services, VoIP, cloud services and cyber security services.

  • IT Strategy Planning
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Computer Consulting
  • IT Assessment
  • Home Security Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Managed Computer Consulting


Home Network Firewall Protection

Everybody wants to save and secure from all possible digital  threat and malware virus in this digital world. If your computer is connected to the internet using a router, it is necessary to build network firewall protection. iFixHub provides the best home service and solutions on home network firewall protection

  • Change the name of home network default
  • Ensure you set strong and unique password for network
  • Increase the Wi-Fi speed
  • Activate network encryption to increase Wi-Fi security
  • Consulting that when you’re not home , turn off the wireless.


Forensic Footprints crime

Collecting the forensic footprints is the essential evidence for the further analysis. Thus , iFixHub has the best forensic team who has the long and certified forensic analyst who are success to collect the possible information and evidence.

  • Evidence that may be examined
  • Sample are collected properly
  • Conducting the Analysis
  • Using Tools and Techniques
  • Using Resources and References


Network Installation

Computer doesn’t exist without network. iFixHub is the best option to do troubleshoot of home networking. Our network service includes wireless network setup, network backup and restore, network cabling and support, network content filtering, router and switch setup, VoIP services, network security, managed network.

  • Network Security Overview
  • Check Vulnerability Status
  • Full Audit of Network
  • Scan History to overview network security
  • Checking Operating system Distribution
  • Entire Network Monitoring
  • Configure SNMP on network devices
  • Upgrade Hardware to support performance
  • Implement continuous monitoring
  • Router Analytics
  • Internet Server monitoring
  • blacklist checker


TV Mount

iFixHub is the best place to help you determine the best location based on the location of the power outlet and where you plan to sit or low down while watching the TV. Our iFixHub Team service provides the best solutions and services in TV mount.

  • Cord Concealment
  • Surround Sound Setup
  • Shelf and sound bar installation
  • Apple TV, cable box m or Xbox setup
  • Same day TV mount service.


Gaming Computer Setup

Gaming computer is a desktop that is used for the purpose of increasing performance and speed activity on the computer especially playing games. CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, Hard Drive, power supply kit, optical drive, motherboard are essential part to build the gaming computer own self.

  • Install the CPU
  • Install any M.2 SSDs
  • Snap the i/O shield into place
  • Install the motherboard standoffs in the PC case and screw in the motherboard
  • Attach all the appropriate case wires to the logic board
  • Connect the power supply
  • Install power to the motherboards and fans
  • Install the CPU AIO cooler


Home Theater Installation

  • Audio Design
  • Video Design
  • Acoustic Design
  • Low free optimization
  • Home Theater Layout
  • Installation
  • Audio Calibration
  • Video Calibration


Training and EDU package

  • Microsoft Certification
  • Apple Certification
  • CompTIA security+
  • Mail Configuration
  • App configuration
  • Individual training
  • CISCO Networking training
  • Client Network training



  • Clear Communication
  • Data privacy and security
  • Quality is Mission
  • Certified Skilled Technician
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Five-star Customer Service
  • Reasonable cost of Service
  • Warranty
  • Same Day Diagnostic


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