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Have you ever been worried with you computer’s original screen? Have you seen any defects and scratches on the top of the Screen? Having issues with your computer Screen ? Broken LCD/LED screen? Cracked laptop screen? Is there any problem with the Screen screen damage? These all problems can be fixed by our computer Screen repair expert. You have come to the best shop.

Before going to get the headache on the broken screen, we need to understand the basic concept, types, design, functions and engineering parts of computer screen. A computer display, monitor, or screen is a computer hardware part which has the ability to show the digital images in the display generated by a graphics card. Computer screen can be categorized into different types

  • CRT :- Cathode Ray Tube monitor is the electron beams in monitor  which modulates, accelerates, and deflects electron beam(s) onto display screen to create the images. Control Grid, heater, cathode, electron beam, anode, defecting coils, focusing coil and fluorescent screen are the most important parts used in the CRT screen of the computer
  • LCD:- Liquid Crystal Display screen is the flat-panel display showing the display  with the help of light- modulating  properties of liquid crystals combined with the polarizers. LCD consists of liquid crystal, electrodes, color filter, polarizing filter, display surface, polarized glass.


  • TFT:- Thin Film transistor is the same as a LCD flat- panel display screen which is the improved version of the LCD on the basis of image quality and resolution.


  • LED:- Light-emitting diodes screen is a flat panel display which shows the display with the connection of the array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. An LED is more energy efficient and more flexible than other older Screen display. The most interesting of LED is three color red, green, and blue LEDs combine to form a pixel which connects with the diodes producing billions of colors


  • Touch Screens Monitor:- Touch screen monitor is modern technology in the present era which can be functions as the occurrence and position of a touch area. Touch screen monitor can be categorized as wire resistive, surface capacitive, projected capacitive, surface acoustic wave, optical imaging, dispersive signal technology, and acoustic pulse recognition.


  • Plasma Screen Monitor:-


  • OLED Monitors







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