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A motherboard is one of the most important platforms of the computer which provides the connectivity between the components of a computer such as the processor9CPU), RAM, expansion slots, built-in components such as network, sound adapters, hard drive, support for various port types, video adaptors and the chipset.  Every part and components inside the motherboard have played an important role to perform in your computer system. If one of the motherboard components has the defective parts or malfunctions in the connection, the computer is unable to perform properly. We have several customers having problems related to the motherboard or logic board of the computer.

Are you experiencing problems with your laptop motherboard? Does your Motherboard not recognize/show peripherals? Will Peripherals stop working for a few seconds or more? Does your Computer not recognize flash drives, or monitor or another motherboard component? Have you replaced your motherboard and does it show the failure system? Does your computer show suddenly misbehave because of the motherboard problem? Don’t Worry!!! Our qualified and certified Computer Motherboard repair technicians will bring it back to life. Our team always diagnose and repair all computer motherboard issues, from simple fixes at outstanding prices to complex repairs at the component level.

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Cheap Motherboard Repair

We have several clients having the issue with the MacBook who came back from Apple store or Apple-authorized providers cannot fix. iFixHub team is the leading MacBook Repair Services in Dallas which covers all solutions regarding MacBook water damage, MacBook graphics card issues or Mac logic board failure. MacBook Logicboard consists of CPUs, GPUs, ICs, transistors, resistors, capacitors and so on. Our reputed team is able to find and replace the defective chips among the many thousands on the MacBook Logic board and provide your important MacBook back to life before throwing the MacBook away because of some defective component on the MacBook Logic Board.

If our team decided that this problem comes from the logic board, they will prepare a detail diagnostic assessment with repair and replacement cost of the logic board which cost starts from $300 to $600 depending on the MacBook model and complicated issue. This service includes 90- day warranty if you find any issues because of a defective logic board.

Quick Motherboard Repair

iFixHub provides all services, support and consulting regarding the MacBook logic board repair and replacement in Dallas. Our outstanding certified techs are able to fix your logic board issue with a warranty and reasonable price. We never compromise in quality and service!!!!! 

iFixHub provides following solutions and services on motherboard

  • Motherboard Liquid Damage Repair
  • Motherboard Overheating Repair
  • Motherboard No backlight Repair
  • Motherboard No Wi-Fi Repair
  • Motherboard Corrosion Repair
  • Motherboard No Power Repair
  • Motherboard Automatic Shutdowns Repair
  • Motherboard No Image Repair
  • Motherboard Battery Not Charging Repair
  • Motherboard Faulty Graphics Chip Repair
  • Motherboard Display & Graphics Problems Repair
  • Motherboard Port and Components Repair
  • Motherboard Unusual Sounds and Behaviour Repair

All Models We Provide Service

 MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro,  Mac mini, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Google Pixel, Meizu, Motorola, Nexus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Blackberry, Microsoft, Dell®, Toshiba®, HP®, ASUS®, Acer®, Gateway®, Lenovo®, IBM®, including MSI®, Gaming computers, Alienware®.

The defective motherboard might have several problems in your project and business services. Whatever problems with your defective motherboard, our iFixHub team can solve your problem. iFixHub has a wide range of providing professional Computer Motherboard repair, Laptop motherboard Repair, motherboard upgrade and support service to all areas of Dallas. iFixHub team has long experience in motherboard repair and replacement services to home and business users looking for high-quality service from certified and trained laptop motherboard repair and computer motherboard repair professionals.

Best Computer Motherboard Fixing

Install $ SetUp          Protect & Secure               Repair & Recover           Enhance & Maintain
  • Press the Power button on your computer and wait for a short beep.
  • Disconnect the RAM and the third-party video card (if there is any) and try to power up your Computer.
  • Try to reset the RAM in other slots if there are any.
  • It is better to try another working RAM if possible.
  • Check if the motherboard speaker is properly attached to its designated slot.
  • Try a different power supply.
  • Disconnect the motherboard out from the case and place it on an insulated surface.
  • Reset the CMOS if Possible
  •  Try inserting your other system hardware parts (RAM, CPU, Power Supply) to a similar motherboard.

If these all process doesn’t work, Our iFixHub Team is every time available in front of you in-home or in business. We do offer discounts to our new and existing customers to make them feel happy. You have nothing to pay if our technician is unable to fix your motherboard from your computer. We strongly believe in No Fix No Fee. iFixHub team provides the quality and affordable computer motherboard fixing services along with great customer service and granted warranty on most of our computer motherboard fixing services.

Diagnosing any problems
Fixing any damages
Upgrading the processor
Cleaning of the internal parts
Replacing bad components

Computer Motherboard and Processor Issues Repair

iFixHub provides service in individuals, businesses, offices, medical & educational institutes. iFixHub is an independent computer motherboard repair hub in the Dallas metropolitan area in addition to computer repair and IT support. Our main motto is to provide reliable motherboard repairs and excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. iFixHub is locally located in Dallas, Texas 1820 W Mockingbird Ln.

  • Motherboard Form Factors and Components Motherboard Repair
  • Computer CPUs Motherboard Repair
  • Rear Fam Connector Motherboard Repair
  • CPU Fan Connector Motherboard Repair
  • 4-Pin ATX Connector Motherboard Repair
  • I/O Panel Connectors Motherboard Repair
  • Integrated Ethernet Chip Motherboard Repair
  • PCI Express Slot Motherboard Repair
  • Memory Slots Motherboard Repair
  • CPU Sockets Motherboard Repair
  • CPU Power Connector Motherboard Repair
  • Floppy Connector Motherboard Repair
  • IDE Connector Motherboard Repair
  • SATA Connector Motherboard Repair
  • USB Headers Motherboard Repair
  • CMOS Battery Motherboard Repair
  • Cooling Machines Motherboard Repair
  • Heat sinks Motherboard Repair
  • Firmware Updating Motherboard Solutions
  • Configuring the Firmware Motherboard Solutions
  • Accessing Firmware Setting Motherboard Solutions
  • Booting into Firmware Motherboard Solutions
  • Firmware – Based Diagnostic and Monitoring Motherboard Solutions
  • Power-on Self-Test Motherboard Services
  • Motherboard Driver Software Motherboard Repair and Solutions

Best Motherboard Repair Shop Near Dallas

iFixHub provides service in individuals, businesses, offices, medical & educational institutes. iFixHub is an independent Mac repair hub in the Dallas metropolitan area in addition to computer repair and IT support. Our main motto is to provide reliable repairs and excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. iFixHub is locally located in Dallas, Texas 1820 W Mockingbird Ln.

iFixHub reaches all locations of Dallas County such as Dallas Downtown, Dallas Uptown, North Dallas, Highland Park Dallas, Westlake Dallas, Southlake Dallas, University Park Dallas, Flower Mound Dallas, Preston hollow Dallas, Arts District Dallas, Reunion District Dallas, Lewisville, etc.   

We also cover zip code including Dallas 75219, Dallas 75205, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75230, Dallas 75201, Dallas 75254, Dallas 75203, Dallas 75214, Dallas 75220, Dallas 75077, Dallas 75019, Dallas 75082, Dallas 76092, Dallas 75094, Dallas 75028, Dallas 75013, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75022, Dallas 75207, Dallas 75247, Dallas 75235, Dallas 75220.


Satisfaction Guaranteed:- Quality is our main motto. iFixHub never compromises with high-quality repair parts and 100 percent customer service. We give more attention to customer issues and concerns earlier.

Limited Warranty:- Limited warranty is the best offer of iFixHub because anything happens after repair and replacement. So concerning customer issues, we provide the clients limited- term warranty in our services. If something happens after replacing, no additional cost at all.

Deeper Understanding:- iFixHub team always believes in science, mechanism, tech specs, blueprint, function, and how it’s design and build of any technology.

Good Communication:- iFixHub team actively listen, move, and react to our client’s each and every issue. Effective communication is always helpful to resolve the issue and make customers reliable which our team will provide that requirement.

Apple Certified Technician:- iFixHub has a motherboard science graduated and certified apple technician with service fundamental(SVC), Apple Certified iOS Technician(ACiT), Apple Certified Mac Technician( ACMT). Besides this certification, iFixHub has Microsoft Certification, Security, Mobility, Network, Mobility, and Deployment training.

Five-Star Customer Service:- iFixHub never compromises in excellent repair and best quality in providing supports and servicing which has been continuing for 7 years of this support and service field.

Reasonable cost of service:- iFixHub is always aware of the market price which tries to give the best matching price to our clients. iFixHub has always one motto, NO FIX NO COST!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- My motherboard is not turning on. Can you fix this problem?

A: Fixing this problem depends on the diagnostic reports which consist of status, problem category, troubleshooting options, replacing parts and best price. Through these all steps, we are able to fix this problem of why your motherboard is not turning.

Q:- Does replace the hard drive to make your motherboard fast?

A: A: Yes, if your hard drive is old and you replace your hard drive with an SSD or a new Hard disk drive your motherboard will operate comparatively faster.

Q: What does an motherboard technician do?

A: A motherboard technician repairs and maintains all troubleshooting regarding motherboard issues such as repairing, configuring, installing, updating, creating, maintaining hardware and software

 Q: Does antivirus get rid of viruses?

A: The purpose of antivirus is to scan and detect all malicious virus which may infect all important data on the motherboard folder.

Q: How do I fix a slow Internet connection?

Slow internet is the problem being slow in the speed of the Wi-Fi signal which decreases the performance on the PC. To fix the slow internet connection is easy to process such as troubleshoot hardware and software, turn of plugins and apps, troubleshoot on ISP,  Scan viruses, check for on-system interferences, check for external interferences, etc

Q: What do I do if my motherboard has a system failure?

A: This is the failure on the Disk boot. To fix this problem, first, we need to restart the motherboard, fix the BIOS, troubleshoot the hard disk issues, save settings.

Q: Why do my PC perform slowly when I open a new browser?

  • Old hard disk
  • Old Operating System
  • Low RAM
  • motherboard Viruses
  • Too many applications
  • Hardware malfunctions

Q: What happens when an motherboard overheats for too long?

A: The main reasons for being overheat PC are old battery, defects on GPU, defects on CPU, malfunction on OS.

Q: Can you fix a water damaged laptop?

A: When your motherboard contacts the water, there might be a high chance to damage any part of your motherboard. First, just assure that data should be backed up where your important files should be preserved. After data is preserved from hard drive, then we test on the other hardware and software parts.

Q: What’s the maximum ram that I can upgrade to motherboard?
A: We have to check your model number to find the maximum ram that your motherboard support. Please have your model number ready while calling us. It’s on the back of most laptops.

Q: Will my motherboard support new programs after ram upgrade?
A: Your motherboard will be able to run newer software that requires higher ram but there are other specifications needed for software too. please check the software specifications to confirm.

Q: My motherboard was running well when I bought it. Why do I need a RAM upgrade now?
A: Newer software has more functionality and features that require more memory to run. Also, new operating systems and updates require more ram to load that could take up more space on RAM.

Q: What is the RAM upgrade in the motherboard? 
A: RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is basically a fast chunk of memory used to store programs that are running then. Upgrading RAM means getting more processing memory.

Q: Can I just add more RAM to my motherboard? 
A: Yes, you can do that if you have the exact same RAM model which came together with your motherboard. You also need to have a free RAM slot to insert that RAM.

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