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CompTIA( The Computing Technology Industry Association) A+ certification is the professional Computer Technical Certification that provides the competency and computer hardware and software skills including customizing, maintaining, installing and operating personal computers. CompTIA A + is designed by an IT industry specialist which provides the importance and benefits for your IT Career. After you achieve this certificate, it opens the door to better pay, it allows you to go anywhere, allow you to work from anywhere, better work-life balance, take benefits by more than 1 million and creates the environment that you are the part of a community.

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iFixHub team provides the quality and affordable CompTIA A+ Training & Certification services along with great customer service and granted warranty on most of our PC Training Clients. Our Main Training and Certificate provides the following services:-

  • Operating Systems:- Operating system includes operating system fundamentals, upgrading, Installing, and Configuring Systems, Troubleshooting and maintenance disk, file, and application management.
  • Computer Hardware:- Computer hardware includes basic personal computer parts motherboards, processors, power supplies, displays devices, and peripherals Installing and Upgrading PC components, Computer hardware troubleshooting, and solution
  • Laptops and Mobile Devices:- It includes configuring and using laptops, supporting mobile devices.
  • Networking:- It includes networks basics, installing a small office/home office/ educational and medicalĀ  office network setup
  • Security:- It includes physical security, protecting, managing data installing antivirus and security features and updating user authentications